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Gotham s2 Finale: Extra Batcat Moment by maryfgr23
Gotham s2 Finale: Extra Batcat Moment
Most of this is fanfiction but I thought it was important to give Bruce and Selina one last scene together at the end of Season 2. I actually had to wait and see how their last moments of season 2 would go to see how I would do this closing scene. Thankfully, I'm happy with how my original plans changed. :)
I'm also happy to give Selina a little closure over Bridgit and give Bruce a chance to give a little acknowledgement for the ordeal Selina went through.

And that wraps up all my fanart for Season 2! I know Gotham is already well into Season 3 but I'm glad I waited long enough to come up with a way to make a new cohesive storyline based on what's happened to Bruce and Selina so far! Excited to make more batcat moments! Thanks again to all my fellow deviants for all the kind comments and support!
Old Job vs. New Job by maryfgr23
Old Job vs. New Job
I'm glad Lucius loves his new job at the GCPD. Got me thinking what his last job might have been like. Just made me think of cold tea and stale biscuits. Donuts, coffee and ninja gerbils would make any day job better. XD
Valerie Vale Tribute by maryfgr23
Valerie Vale Tribute
Anybody else agree that the new Gothamite, Jamie Chung is killing it in every scene she's done and that Valerie Vale deserves her own spinoff show?

I really hope she becomes a series regular. XD
Butlers Can't Dance...? by maryfgr23
Butlers Can't Dance...?
Still recovering from Gotham's Season 3 Episode 2

I'll never get over the fact that Alfred's dance moves are canon. Dead.
I can only assume that Bruce's early dance training informed a lot of his later fighting style. It's only logical.

It was fun researching the most iconic dance moves of pop culture and coming up with the right pose to represent them. Bonus points to anybody who can get the references here. xD

This was done in pencils and edited and cleaned up on Photoshop.
Gotham Season 3 Premeire Reaction: Part 3/3 by maryfgr23
Gotham Season 3 Premeire Reaction: Part 3/3
Sigh. Nygmobblepot. Nuff said. :) <3

So happy the show seems to have fully embraced the beauty of this ship and the joy it brings fans.

Also I will never get tired of inserting Gabe when I do Penguin fanart XD That guy needs more love.


maryfgr23's Profile Picture
Mary Frances G. Ranises
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
I grew up on the second largest island of the Philippine archipelago, went to college in the largest island and am currently making cool creative things.
Hey there fellow deviants,

I just thought it would be a good idea to say hi and share a few updates and plans I have over the next few months. First off though, I'd like to thank everyone who has followed me, favorited and commented on the work I've posted here. Honestly, I enjoy the process of creating fanart, but sharing it is the greatest motivation for me to keep making them.

So on the Gotham front.
I should say that to those who follow my batcat and Gotham comics, I've been holding off making any new fanart for the past few weeks. Mostly because I was waiting to see if the last few episodes of season 2 would give Bruce and Selina any more scenes I could base my fanart on. Like the end of the first season, I want to have a series of comics that leads up to Bruce and Selina's final moments together. So after watching the finale, it's given me a clear idea of how to proceed from where I left off.

I'd like to say that 6 comics will make up the last Batcat moments for season 2. That's my estimate on the amount of story I should transcribe into comic format so that I can include some funny extra moments, their relationship highlights and give them proper closure. 

I just want followers of my batcat fanart to know that I'll be pacing myself with these 6 comics. I'm pretty sure I'll be making them all the way until the start of the 3rd season of Gotham (WHOO HOO!). Thank goodness too. The fanart really helps with my Gotham withdrawal during a hiatus. So if I'm lucky I'll be able to make updates once or twice a month until September. 

Now on the Sherlock/Elementary front.
I should have given more regular updates about this and I apologize. First of all, I'd like to assure followers of the time travel series that I pretty much know how the rest of the adventure goes and ends. While I have so much fun making fanart for my Gotham fandom, it does nag me a bit that I've left the team in a sticky situation and I owe them and the readers an eventual proper ending.

I can only continue to apologize for the delay. I just haven't felt compelled to take up the story again just yet. The series doesn't have the same urgency as my Gotham comics because the plot doesn't coincide with current episodes in Sherlock or Elementary. Besides a few references here and there, it's all about the different Sherlock and Watson characters interacting with each other. And that's all the readers have to be familiar with.

To me, Gotham usually takes precedence because I usually need to create fanart referencing specific scenes from the show's most recent episodes and I feel the need to share them with fellow Gotham fans as soon as I make them so that the gags and references are still relevant.

That doesn't mean I love my Sherlock/Elementary fandom any less. If anything, their durability gives me the confidence to say that I could take up the story again no matter how much time goes by. It would still be just a fun to make as fans will enjoy and stay part of the Elementary and Sherlock fandoms.

Besides, time passing could be an advantage. My old scripts can evolve now that new info comes to light. Before, when I wrote Sherlock/Elementary comics, I had to limit myself because I wanted to give space for the shows' canons to fill in some blanks.
Ex. I couldn't make comics about Moriarty and CBS Sherlock's relationship during the first 2 seasons because I wasn't sure about the extent of his feelings for her. Now, I have a much better idea and I can write with more conviction.

This can only make the characters and any future fanart better because the characters and their backgrounds are more fleshed out. I mean come on! We have a new series of BBC sherlock and Elementary to look forward to the rest of this year, not to mention a 3rd Sherlock Holmes movie with RDJ and Jude Law is in the works.

Anyway sorry for the long journal entry. And I'm sorry for any frustration I may have caused to any fellow deviants. I love making art and sharing it here. I only wish I could make all the fanart I wanted to pay tribute to all my fandoms.

All I can say is, thanks for sticking with me.
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